Dashboard for Exploratory Analysis of Historical Data on Armed Conflicts

Navjot Thind

by Navjot Thind 05/07/2018 04:57 AM BST

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Armed conflict has been occurring throughout the Middle East for generations.
Armed conflicts within the states are generally political conflicts involving citizens fighting for
internal change. It involves a group of people who are armed and ready to fight for the goal of
seizing governmental powers. This group may include militias and armed civilians along with the
regular armies. These conflicts result in the collapse of state institutions mainly the police and
judiciary. The fighting in conflicts are usually intermittent and generally does not occur on well-
defined battlefields. The twentieth century saw an upward trend in the fatalities due to armed
Our analysis focuses on the effect of fatalities caused by armed conflict in middle eastern countries
namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The basis for visualizations are the violent events
recorded in a particular year resulting in the deaths and its effect on the GDP, Mortality, Fertility,
Revenue from Natural Resources and other factors. Additionally, we have included additional
attributes to provide a framework for subsequent users.

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