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    Million Urban Farms

    by Olga Trevino 07/02/2019 11:39 PM BST

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          Million Urban Farms

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          We can make horticulture products accessible to multiple people in big cities using an app inspired on businesses like airbnb or uber connecting them to the nearest vertical farm in their area. The app would classify the possible results according to different parameters, like products offered, stock, size of the urban farm, wholesale or retail, etc.

          Another objective would be to provide guidelines, best practices and techniques to allow potential farmers to start their own urban vertical farm, while providing the supplies for it and delivering the most actual news of all related topics.

          Check our brochure at:

          Did you know that what you eat really
          impacts the environment and the economy?

          • Transportation (distance to markets).
          • Urban population skyrocketing.
          • Pollution (fertilizers, pesticides)
          • Water wastage
          • Small farmers crushed by mega farms
          • Biodiversity disappears due to the industrialization / massification of food production

          Enter: Commercial-Scale urban farming

          • Environment control
          • Energy efficient
          • Requires low transport
          • Creates local urban jobs
          • Greens cities
          • Reduces fertilizers / pesticides usage and pollution

          But it’s not easy to get started.
          It requires:

          • Space

          • Equipment

          • Knowledge
          • Market




          We can Leverage the Internet, mobile
          phones, and electronic payments, inspired
          on businesses like Airbnb or Uber to:

          • Lower the entry barrier for new urban farmers by providing them the tools, skills
          and financing to generate commercial scale and quality veggies produced with
          environmentally friendly hydroponic techniques.

          • Yielding veggies at price and quality able to compete in the local market. Thus

          creating local jobs and improving the local economy.

          • Provide an easy way for people, restaurants, supermarkets to buy sustainable


          • Provide a way for small individual investors globally to put money in people and a

          company sharing values they believe in, conveniently from their mobile phone.

          When you invest in a million urban farm you
          invest simultaneously in a small business
          and in a scalable corporation

          Million Urban Farms:

          • Monitors yields and sales at each urban farm operated by our farm operating partners
          • Provides state-of-the-art urban farming techniques continuously to each local farm
          • Acts as an escrow for your investment to guarantee that your financing is used to
          implement and operate the urban farms responsibly and productively
          You can:

          • Observe your farm remotely 24/7
          • Invest directly in a Farm Operating Partner of your choice, who is vetted by Million Urban Farms or

          • Spread your risk by investing in a portfolio of farms

          WHO IS BEHIND?

          Three family-owned companies:

          Hort Americas: Industry Leading Knowledge in Commercial Hydroponic Vegetable
          Production, Vertical Farming, Urban Farming, Urban Agriculture, Engineered Substrates,
          Fertilizers and LED Grow Lights, more than 10 years experience.

          Itsco Agro: pioneering urban hydroponic farming in Mexico city. Presently operating
          305 sq. meters (3,283 sq ft.) urban hydroponic farm producing lettuce and greens. 89
          years experience in agro-business supply chain (seeds, etc.). Led by women CEO.

          Vintecdyne: An IT startup founded in 2015, Mexico City based whose multidisciplinary
          team have nearly 20 years of experience in diverse industries. Constantly growing, its
          expertise is mostly focused in open source technologies applied to web-based systems
          such as SAAS (Software as a Service) and mobile applications.

          What’s needed

          • Production of the prototypes of the mobile app and management information system

          • Advisory on business plan and

          implementation strategy

          • Angel investors

          Check out a screencast of our prototype at:


          You can check our business plan through the following link:

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          Chris Higgins, Isidoro Trevino, Nydia Trevino

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