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    HULA combines exchange and technology in order to contribute to a more sustainable world.

    by Jose Bao 06/28/2019 02:01 AM BST

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          HULA combines exchange and technology in order to contribute to a more sustainable world

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          A new way of understanding property

          The rise of collaborative consumption platforms like Uber, Airbnb, or Kickstarter gives us a new sense of ownership and allows us to share resources when we need them. Instead of being just passive consumers, we become collaborators. This kind of attitude leads to a more sustainable and altruistic way of shopping. HULA is a system of exchange that intends to bring this concept forward by building trust among peers, saving resources, and reducing spending.

          Circular economy normally works on an enterprise or multinational level, Hula wants to bring the circular economy into our houses and lives.  

          Exchange is probably the oldest form of commerce; two of its biggest disadvantages in the past were finding the right product and the risk of moving the stock. This problem is solved with the emergence of new technologies and easy access to relevant data.

          “Think outside the trash and recycle!” Maintain liquidity and save cash is our motto. 

          The App:

          The app interface recreates an old-school barter table setting. The user is able to see the item being exchanged in real time directly on the app. The idea is to expand the lifespan of things through technology.


          The user accesses the app, finds something he´s interested in and uploads products in order to get what he wants. That way we create a circle of growth.

          What's New:

          - Absolute freedom to exchange what you have for what you want. The value is set by the parties involved in the exchange.

          - The app has a feature that allows users to record videos of their stuff in real time, so they can check the item’s condition.

          - Interface specifically dedicated to bartering.

          - Real money can be added to cover gaps in a negotiation or if needed.

          - 100% Free

          - You don't exchange one product for another, instead, you put your whole stock on the table in front of the stock of the other party and you negotiate from there.

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