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    Planing 10 billion Moringa trees for absorbing the extra CO2 and creating a sustainable society

    by KOKI KAWANO 06/03/2019 10:49 AM BST

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             Our idea is primitive and simple, but it gets a point how to solve the climate issue. The key of our project is "Moringa Tree".
             One of the big causes of global warming is that the nature has been lost rapidly. Especially, the native bush which plays a role such as the air conditioner of the earth has been disappeared and the affair makes the earth warm. 
             Moringa tree is very amazing! The strongest point of Moringa is to absorb CO2 about 20 times more than general trees. For example, in our daily lives, if regular trees absorb the amount of CO2 one person emits one year, we need 23 trees, but in case of the moringa, only 2 moringa trees are needed to absorb the same amount of CO2. Moringa also grows up quickly and it has a plenty of nutrition, so it is great for preventing from the poverty and starvation in developing countries in subtropical zone and torrid zone by some international organizations such as UNICEF and WFO.
             Actually, there are 15 billion tons of CO2 that is left unabsorbed in the world now. This tremendous amount of CO2 has been a major cause of global warming. However, we can solve the CO2 problem by planting more than 10 billion Moringa trees (estimation). “10 billion is not impossible numbers. The problem of the global warming might be solved if everyone in the world plants two trees (the population of the world is about 7 billion). Moringa is very effective for contributing for saving the earth.
             We, youth has started the tree planting project since 2008 and begun planting moringa since 2017 in some countries. In Indonesia, we have already planted 4350 trees. In Benin, Africa. 20,000 trees were planted. And, Japanese high school students visited Cambodia and planted 390 moringa trees.
             We are planning to make a system of the circular economy by moringa. Nowadays, moringa products such as tea, supplement and cosmetics is popular in Europe and U.S, and the demand of moringa will be increased in the close future more. it means that we encourage to plant moringa in the developing country is effective to save the earth, prevent from starvation and overcome the poverty for selling moringa. Especially, this project is able to support SGDs 1, 2 and 15.

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