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    by MARTINS EGBOKHABHO 06/02/2019 05:00 PM BST

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      The emergence ATM made the withdrawal of cash very easy and convenient so long there is cash to the machine and there is a network you are sure of cash dispensing. With the use of ATM card, you can be a customer to a bank without knowing their staffs since you transaction starts and ends with the machine, this machine can be configured also to be receiving cash from customers, this will further lessen the queue at our bank and make the banking sector exciting.


      The aim and objective of having an ATM for paying in include the following;

      • It will take the bulk task from the staffs.
      • Reduction of long queues in the bank premises.
      • It will make paying in at odd hours possible that means you can pay in 24hours a day with weekend inclusive as seen in the current withdrawal at odd hours


      The concept of having ATM receiving cash will build on the ATM we have now, we will just introduce the table top teller machine where customers will insert their cash, and when the person is through a message will be sent to his/her phone notifying him/her of the successful transaction, this will also be coupled with a print out.


      This idea when in operational will really open up the banking sector to a whole new era of a transaction, it will make cash deposition possible at any time, this will boost cash flow and increase revenue generated.



      The benefit associated with this idea includes;

      • Easy cash deposition at any time.
      • Reduction of queues at the bank premises.
      • Reduction of stress level of the staffs. 


      The machine will need the counting machine when the customer comes in the following diagrams explain what will happen and all these will happen as quickly as possible.

      The diagram above shows how the two machine will be placed side by side, the part labeled A will be accessible from outside, that is where the customers will place their money, and the part labeled B will be inside the ATM room, when a customer inserts his/her card into the ATM the following steps will be followed for a successful transaction;


      When the deposit is selected it will take the person to the steps shown in the diagram below;


       When the person inserts the cash the machine will count it and display the total on the screen and the money will enter the ATM room, if the person have other denominations the two steps above is repeated until the person have paid in everything, at the end of the process the total money paid in will be printed out for the customer to take home and a corresponding SMS  will be sent to his  mobile phone, but if what was selected at the outset was withdrawal the process will have presently in our  ATM center will be carried out.


      The technological growth in our banking industry has to be extended to the ATM in total, we are not stopping at the machine that enhances faster withdrawal but advancing to the machine that will support cash paying in in the ATM technology, thereby making life easy for all.

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