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    Transforming rural waste into urban premium product

    by Varun Raheja 06/01/2019 09:37 AM BST

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      Fal Fruit , a concept brought to market by BEERBAL WISERY ,deals in solar dried products. Concept was founded by researchers who were working on reduction of agricultural wastes and creating extra source of income for farmers.

       This all started because of keen interest in waste management and up scaling. Firstly, research was done with the idea of preserving fresh fruits and vegetables during season time when production is very high and market prices are low. The research began with open sun drying which is being used since ages to dehydrate food products, but there were few limitations assessed in this process which are as follows ; Product losses it’s natural color, flavor, fragrance and nutrients. Due to open drying, products are in direct contact with pollution, dirt, dust and UV radiation which makes them unhygienic to eat. Products are exposed to insects and animals.

       To overcome all these issues, we capitulated Solar Drying process, Solar Drying is a process that uses solar energy to dry substances especially food. The purpose of a solar dryer is to supply controlled and optimized heat to the product than that available naturally in direct Sun. It helps to keep nutritional value, natural color, taste and fragrance of the product intact .

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