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    by Olusola Tutuola 05/31/2019 10:37 PM BST

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      SuperLamp is meant to solve the lastmile distribution of solar products, bridging access to electricity via on-demand pay-as-you-go clean energy services. It will be powered by mobile technology offering both online and offline access to enable millions of off-grid African households to order clean energy solutions and solar products which would impact several millions of African households with an Improved health and health services, increased savings, reduced GHG emissions, expanded economic opportunities and increase sense of security at night. 

      The majority of those – approximately 80% – live in rural areas where there is no grid-electricity, and expansion is largely financially and logistically infeasible. The vast majority turn to kerosene lamps, candles, or flashlights for lighting which are mostly unsustainable among the following issues: low quality lighting, health risks, high fuel cost, greenhouse gas emissions, productive hours limited to daylight and sense of vulnerability at night. In view of the above, off grid solar energy products offer a better solution and there is need for an effective and efficient means to connect and access a safe, clean, affordable off-grid lighting to Africans not yet connected to a grid which SuperLamp is committed to achieve for African households

      We have about 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live without access to electricity. Seventy percent of Africans are not connected to a power grid and Because of this, Sub-Saharan Africa spends an estimated US$10.5 billion annually on low-quality, fuel-based lighting such as kerosene and candles according to lightingafrica research.


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