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    The social Reciclation Center, or, how we can solve the problem of industrial wast and unemployment

    by Gabriel Ferreira 05/23/2019 01:28 PM BST

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      As a Brazilian  i know that  12,4% of my country have no job, and in all the world we have 10% which means 700.000.000 people, in the other hand we have a big waste of resources, we have such a big difficulty to make formal jobs due to duty, burocracy and all that stuff...

      Homeless people, young’s in traffic, and industrial waste, how it cam be correlated?

      Let´s think in a way that the boss can have a worker just for a day, he can pay the worker for that day, the worker, who can be homeless, poor, or simply are desperate for a job can get money, maybe shower and come back to his life, and next day he can have another job, and another and another. That’s what i want, that’s what we going to do, make jobs, make the life of this people better, and give more working hands for de informal jobs!

      My center going to have 3 divisions:

      In the first one, it will have people working on the materials, separating, classificate whish material they will use for what job, it will be a big recycling center, where people can give their metals, plastics, paper card and get some money, they can  recycle their “trash” here. And those material can be used in the second division, for qualification.

      In the second one, the private industry gonna make his social activities for the community, having workshops, officines, quickly courses that will qualify those people

      And in the third one, the workhand cycle: quickly jobs? No problem. In the constructions the private corps can have workers, they can cut the grass, do paint jobs, they can carry heavy weighs, the boss came, take the worker for a day, and pay him.

      Those workers can get qualification and quick jobs at the same place, the industry can give their leftover, they can recycle and get money with this… Say yes to that idea and say no to two of the big problens we have today, for a better tomorrow

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