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    electric silk road

    by Bahram Zoghi 05/21/2019 07:30 AM BST

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          many many years ago when people still used horses and camels for transporting, different countries united and build a road called silk road. this road was from china to Persian empire and then to Europe. there were several places for resting and camping in this road. nowadays electric cars are expanding but there is not enough places for charge(and also to rest during charging) in developing countries. we can revival this road by putting charging stations by each 50Km and a small rest room. in this case people from around the world can travel free of charge and see these beautiful cities . it will bring a sustainable tourism to these countries and if we use solar panels as roof for these charging points , it will bring a little  electricity for Suburbs. for better understanding search #charging station based on solar and #silk road.

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