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    End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture were done manually for many nations and the open data is not free for many communities and organizations.

    by Ussi Mnamengi 05/19/2019 09:40 AM BST

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          • The United Nations (UN) has developed a set of action-oriented goals to achieve global sustainable development by 2030. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed by an Open Working Group of 30 member states over a two-year process. They are designed to balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental. To help meet the goals, UN member states can draw on Open Data from governments — that is, data that is freely available online for anyone to use and republish for any purpose. This kind of data is essential both to help achieve the SDGs and to measure progress in meeting them. Achieving the SDGs Open Data can help achieve the SDGs by providing critical information on natural resources, government operations, public services, and population demographics. These insights can inform national priorities and help determine the most effective paths for action on national issues. Open Data is a key resource for: Fostering economic growth and job creation. Open Data can help launch new businesses, optimizing existing companies’ operations, and improve the climate for foreign investment. It can also make the job market more efficient and serve as a resource in training for critical technological job skills. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of public services. Open Data can help strengthen healthcare systems by connecting patients to providers; promote education and ongoing learning; and improve food security on both a large and small scale. Increasing transparency, accountability and citizen participation. Open Data plays a critical role in improving governance by exposing and preventing mismanagement and corruption. It also helps ensure environmental sustainability through transparent data that can help reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and build resilience to climate change. Facilitating better information-sharing within government. Open Data can help improve cities and urban infrastructure. It can also improve resilience to disasters and ensure that essential resources will be deployed effectively in emergency situations.

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          New companies and government services are using Open Data on weather, soil, and crops to help farmers make better decisions.  GODAN, the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition program, has become a centralized resource for farming and food security. In different parts of the world, Open Data is helping to combat local issues as diverse as overuse of pesticides, erratic food prices and praedial larceny (the theft of livestock and produce). Open Data helps consumers directly as well: Government nutrition data helps families devise healthier menus with locally produced foods.

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