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    The Dynamic Electronic Plastic Tracking System and Digital Plastic Banks

    by Ezra Bundi 05/17/2019 09:46 AM BST

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          The Dynamic Electronic Plastic Tracking System and Digital Plastic Banks

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          Our big idea and project is a unique electronic digital system. The idea effectively brings into perspective the space of technology in plastic waste management and effectively integrates SDG13 on climate action with SDG1 on poverty eradication. This idea and innovation envisions an initiative which uses a circular economy model and which results in revenue increase per unit all along the flow. We have used an open source model, whose concept is open to universal redistribution and replication anywhere around the globe.  The system is enabled to track electronically the position of plastics on a chain from when they enter the market and as they move within the environment, using global positioning systems (GPS) and google maps, in order to locate them and get them out for recycling or safe disposal. The system is also enabled to host Digital Plastic Banks where street children (Who mainly collect plastic wastes and sell them for very little amounts of money) and volunteers from multicultural backgrounds who collect plastics in Nairobi, Kenya (The only capital city in the world with a natural national park within its precincts), are allocated accounts where they accumulate points per consignment of plastics they take out of the environment using the system. These points are converted in partnership with plastic recycling plants, civil society organisations and stake holders in the private sector to hold monetary value which is used to buy food, clothing and pay medical bills for the street children and volunteers who hold these accounts. We believe that this idea and project can effectively tackles plastic waste pollution, unemployment and poverty around the world. Our idea brings into perspective an economically viable model which envisions a flow of materials and resources in a flow which is circular, resulting in both environmental returns and financial returns. My idea goes a step further to solve the root cause of environmental pollution by championing for recycling, increased ecological literacy and the role of youths in beating plastic pollution. This idea brings a dynamic global solution which can be replicated anywhere globally, through a mobile application which I am developing. It brings into practice a unique digital concept where civil society organisations CSOs and professional consultancies are easily brought on board to help combine a myriad of SDGs as concurrent deliverables through Hybrid Social Enterprise Ventures (HSEVs) to create a circular economy and achieve financial returns to lift individuals from poverty and create more equal communities.

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