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    Blockchain based Digital Identity by AID:Tech

    by Grace Ma 01/18/2018 02:54 AM GMT

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      About AID:Tech

      AID:Tech is a for-profit company with a focus on delivering digital identity and services using Blockchain technology. Our social mission is to address some of the world’s largest issues, including legal identity, financial inclusion and corruption.

      The key to our approach is the marrying of access and identity, to bring social and financial inclusion to those underserved - specifically, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No.16.9; by 2030, legal identity is to be available to al. Our client partners include international development agencies, governments and private enterprises, with whom we deliver transparency and accountability as an integral part of our work.

      We are currently working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), which will find AID:Tech’s solutions in Serbia, Jordan, the US and Tanzania throughout 2018.

      Leveraging Blockchain technology, AID:Tech focuses on enabling the delivery of digital entitlements using unique Digital Identity in a transparent and sustainable manner. Add-on services that we have made available to date include welfare, aid, and remittance.

      Unique digital identity

      Using the AID:Tech platform, the Moldovan government and other actors can provision children, with unique digital identity within a framework of permission granted by family or primary caregiver, who are also provisioned with their own unique identity. The provisioning of identity for children, on its own, holds a unique, verifiable record on the Blockchain. By linking said record with the others, children can also be digitally linked to their family or associated organisations (charities, foster homes).

      The AID:Tech platform is available in the form of a web platform for key implementers, through which they can provision and manage a dedicated identity solution. AID:Tech’s solution was the world’s first to deliver international aid to Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon. Together with the Irish Red Cross and local development experts, we were able to provide individuals and households with a unique identity, in the form of QR code printed smart cards, and deliver aid packages remotely. This project saw us working with local merchant partners, via whom, refugees successfully redeemed their aid packages.

      Add-on services & interoperability

      The AID:Tech digital identity can be provided as a standalone solution, alternatively, it can complement any existing identity system, eg. national ID. By sitting on top of existing database as an additional layer, it injects transparency and permanency into current procedures as well as making digital and remote delivery of services possible.

      Underpinned by unique digital identity, key implementers can determine services that are to be made available. In the context of child welfare in Moldova, unique digital identity can also act as a digital wallet to receive tokens of services, such as education and/or healthcare support. These can be redeemed and verified during school attendance and visits to clinics etc.

      By linking together digital identities amongst family members, not only can a child’s identity be individually proven, it serves also as a secondary verification tool for all family members by the method of cross-checking. When possible, family-based identity provides additional security and support.

      Security & tackling fraud

      By harnessing the inherent feature of network consensus in Blockchain technology, the platform not only provides near real-time updates of activities in a secure manner, where the risks surrounding single points of failure are removed. Data stored is further protected by robust encryption. The visibility of information stored on the platform is determinable only by key implementers, in this case, could be the World Identity Network (WIN) and the Moldovan government. Access to information is governed by tiers of permissions. For instance, third-party auditors will only have access to transactional information and not personally identifiable information.

      Each identity can be verified at points of service, such as health clinics, welfare services and border control. When scanned, each legitimate identity necessarily matches a record on the system. Fake documents would be immediately exposed as it does not link to real records. As each child’s identity can also be linked to their family or caregiver, by verifying the identity of accompanying adults on the platform, implementers can also further confirm a child’s safety.  

      This has been tried and tested during our project with Syrian refugees. We established the capacity of the AID:Tech solution to tackle fraud. Immediately after the provision of card-based identity, fraudulent copies were presented at points of sale. Inability to match records on the Blockchain or to correspond with legitimate aid entitlement, these attempts were all foiled at points of sale. Not only did this project revolutionise the refugee’s experience in accessing support, the Irish Red Cross was able to clearly see the distribution, delivery and consumption of aid provided throughout the process.

      Scalability & relevance

      With solutions underpinned by Blockchain technology, we harness the world's largest network, where rates and frequency of transaction can scale seamlessly. With a number of successful pilots under our belt, we prove both social and technological impact. Beneficiaries, such as women and the less advantaged, gain greater control and economic independence, whilst service providers, such as INGOs and developments banks gain great insights into their resource distribution and consumption.

      High-level data offers additional and far-reaching potential. Whilst without the detail of individuals, the ability to see levels of consumption across geographies and demographics enable authorities to identify patterns. For instance, seeing a rise in early-education access in certain areas can help authorities redirect resources and prepare for demand for higher level education in the future. Or, seeing that sudden growth in healthcare access by children under the age of 10 may suggest certain possible epidemics.

      Integral to the AID:Tech Blockchain-based platform is the capacity to generate and collate structured data through large volumes of transactional information. Key implementers can determine what types and ranges of the collection are necessary, allowing them to have control over developing the most appropriate scope for insight, analysis and improvement.

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      Joseph Thompson, CEO | Niall Dennehy, COO | Grace Ma, Program Manager

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      Blockchain,Digital Identity,Legal Identity,Transparency,Accountability,Empowerment,Development,UN SDGs


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