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    Tokenized childen development aids incentivation

    by Adria Massanet 01/08/2018 12:35 AM GMT

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      Written with my far-from-perfect english :P

      This proposal for stopping child trafficking in Moldova is based on the following non-checked presuppositions:

      - No personal empowerment/information against mafias
      - No proper tools for community leaders and lack of community engagement
      - Post comunism feminization of poverty incentives domestic violence that has direct implications on family future
      - Lack of incentivation model to trust in the future

      === Tokenized childen development aids through woman enpowerment mining ===

      The first thing to issue is the lack of incentivation to trust in a better future, and this could be accomplished tokenizing children development aid. The “children tokenized aids” can be mined by families (keeping mothers on mind) with the following actions

      - Registering members of the family and the children to the LCRAs (local community registration authorities). This centers registers biometric data and create family links.
      - Attending to community trainings about: 1) Woman empowerment 2) Children emotional education 3) Community empowerment 4) Tips and tricks using and identifying TRUST codes
      - Helping other members in LCRA centers
      - Authorizing children to be outside the country for X months (so, using the system)

      This mined tokens are linked to the family children, and holders can transfer them only to other members of the family.

      This tokens can be used in the following ways:

      - Local scholarships
      - Scholarships paid by UN in other countries
      - future job in UN merits
      - Additionally to this tokens, poor families also gets food aid tokens that to get discounts buying food.

      This expects that creating a better future for its children will be a trigger for trusting in the family future in its country through auto-formation and community involvement.

      ==== The TRUST code ====

      The TRUST code is a code that is generated in LRCAs and transmitted to the owner in a personal way. This code is encoded in a checksumed way using a combination of numbers and universal symbols (star, square, triangle, arrow, etc… ) that everybody in the world understands. The owner should keep it secret and it’s a personal identification number.

      Is possible to get information or check biometric data from this personal identification number using a UN provided services, but there's something special: if the checked code is used reversed, (eg. 54321 instead 12345) UN central services will send to the central government (not the local one) that this children needs help. Corrupt locals will be not able to know if this code is good or not, but government will acknowledge of this. This code can be asked to the children in person.

      In the case that the children is an slave and is not in the country, this code can be written in a wall, written in a public newspaper  or transmitted orally to other person to request help and aid to be traced by antimafia agencies.

      A mundial campaign explaining TRUST codes will help to any citizen of the world to identity this codes and to report them to the UN TRUST code victim traceability registry.

      Lo-tech is sometimes the best way to archive easy, cheap, safe and interoperable results.

      The TRUST code could be integrated into the WIN initiative.

      === Technical stuff ===

      The technical implementation for this solution consists in:

      - An independent ethereum PoA network, with one node in each LCRA, two nodes in UN facilities and two nodes in Moldova central goverment facilities. geth-rinkeby does the job . The idea is that network will be a plasma childchain in a near future.

      - LRCA operators will be issued by an UN/Moldova authority, LRCA operators will have their transaction signature mechanism in a programmable hardware like a ledger nano s or a  javacard that allows secp2561k1 signtures.

      - Registration system will include the following information, in a ciphered way only readable by specific entities (rsa/aes-siv or the newer non-boring-cryptos)

      + Unique ID [non-ciphered]
      + Goverment ID [only Moldova goverment]
      + Name/surenames [only local LRCA can decipher]
      + Photo [only local LRCA can decipher]
      + Unique IDs of family parents/tutors [only local LRCA can decipher]
      + Born date [only UN can decipher]
      + TRUST code [only UN can decipher]
      + Biometric identification [only UN can decipher]
      + Childen development aids token amount [zk-snark token] 

      Privacy will be achived in the following way:

      - UN/Moldova authority offices will have a special area that will contain a special protected information system area. A protection level as CWA 14167-1:2003 and TEMPEST protection are expected.

      - Biometric matching information are usually provided by the device manufacturer, but matching algorhitms will be executed in this protected environment. The biometric matching information will be an ethereum oracle ala Oraclize.

      - Ciphered registration data will use a custom ciphering/deciphering provider served from UN/Moldova facilities. Quorum/constellation scheme is not a good scheme for this solution but could be inspirational. This data will be partially disclosed depending on the organization accessing this data. Programmable HSM devices with tamper-proof code protection may help.

      - The childen development aids token amount will be an ethereum token based on zk-snarks, providing privacy.

      When children becomes adult UN/Moldova authority will offer a private key that will allow to destroy their contents (automatic content destruction service will be another oracle stored in the authority) and transfer their tokens.

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      Adria Massanet

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